- Slit Seeder Rental

Slit Seeders Will Cost Less Than Soding

When your lawn needs reseeding, trust a slit seeder to give you the perfect seed quantity per square foot. Proper fertilization is important when it come to resurrecting a dying lawn. Unbalanced fertilization and lack of watering will get you no where.

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The beauty of a slit seeder is the precision of the blade making the slit into the soil. While the hopper dispenses the seeds evenly, some machines come equipped with rollers to replace the soil after the seed is planted.

Many companies offer slit seeder rental for a low price for half day or all day use. These machines are great for large areas such as a golf courses or resort grounds, or for simply trying to rejuvenate a dying backyard.

Before renting your slit seeder you have to consider the amount of time and ground you have to seed. There are seeders that manually reseed your lawn as you walk behind it, or there are powerful engine equipped seeders for larger grounds.

A walk behind commercial slit seeder with a 20" seeding path and .83 ft hopper that is adjustable to how much seed goes into the soil, can rent for $85.00 per day.

Many companies lower their rental price the longer you need the seeder with several days being priced less than one day.

A power slit seeder for personal landscaping is priced reasonably at $65.00 per day and $15.00 for an hourly rate. Decide on the length of time you will need your slit seeder rental before you overpay for hours not needed.

Local home and garden stores are popular choices when looking to rent a slit seeder with Home Depot and Lowes having several options to choose from.

The Bluebirds seeders are well used among landscapers and will run $50.00 for four hours or $85.00 for the whole day.

Sunbelt is another trusted name that has over seeders that are in the same price range but cost less for a whole day, only $70.00.

The bottom line is that slit seeders will cost you less in the long run when trying to regrow a thinning yard. Soding can cost you hundreds.

Make sure to use the seeder properly with balanced watering and fertilization, and purchase the right seed for your lawn. You will then have a great lawn in no time.

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