- Reseeding Lawn

Tips For Reseeding The Lawn

The lawn takes quite a beating, it is the high traffic area of family football games and the surrounding carpet for the exterior of the home.

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In winter the snow and ice can take their toll and in spring, there may be some areas of the yard that need replanting in order to look lush and healthy again.

Reseeding lawn areas that have become dry and dead is a yearly event for many homeowners and the process of replanting can take some elbow grease and some specialized equipment to get the job done right.

A walk through your local garden center or home store such as Lowes in the "home and garden" section will show you a glimpse of what is available to take care of the brown and dry patches on your home's lawn.

Whether the dead grass is due to normal weather cycles or pet damage, it can be addressed with things that are easy to find and simple to use.

For lawns that are being pressed down so that the soil is in need of oxygen flow, the use of an aerator is helpful.

This is a pass over the areas of the grass that are too compacted and the drum with the spikes on it that is rolled over the lawn will poke holes in the turf, allowing air to circulate. Spring and fall are generally times for this process.

The use of a power rake or dethatcher can be helpful to remove the layer of dead plant material that may be near the turf surface, preventing the application of lawn feeding to penetrate effectively.

For large areas of bare soil with no grass growing at all, you may wish to have fresh sod put in. This is rarely done for an entire lawn, but can be helpful in areas of low light where the replanting has not been effective.

All lawns can benefit from the application of weed and feed, this is something that can be done as part of a regular schedule of lawn care that includes roundup for the weeds and in fall, an application of Scotts to see the grass through the winter.

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