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A pull behind spreader is used for a multitude of purposes which include spreading mulch, sand organics, manure, Humalfa, shavings, litter, compost, wood chips, salt, fertilizer, sand, Humate and lime.

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There are many different types of spreaders available, many of whom are used for heavy duty operations.

You can purchase a John Deere tow behind broadcast spreader that is 3.5 cu. ft. from Lowes which allows for easy assembly within a wrapped package which is labeled to coincide with step by step directions. The flow level allows the user to control the flow from 1-10.

There is the Earthway Broadcast 80 pound trailer spreader. This poly hopper spreader is very economical in that it can be used for every chemical that can be applied and limits the amount of time needed to clean between applications.

It has a fully enclosed commercial gearbox for protection and long life. The large 10 inch pneumatic wheels provide for easy rolling on the most roughest lawns. This spreader comes fully assembled.

The Scotts standard broadcast spreader is found at Lowes home improvement store. There is a deluxe version of this model that offers Edge Guard. The standard version holds more than 10,000 square feet of fertilizer.

This spreader will supply around a 5 ft. spread ensuring that each part of the lawn receives fertilizer.

There is an industry leader in lawn spreaders known as Lesco which produces a great line of professional spreaders such as drop spreaders, rotary spreaders, commercial fertilizer spreaders as well as grass seed spreaders.

Lesco also has sprayers for reliable application of pest control solutions, combination products and liquid fertilizer. These sprayers range from backpack to easy-to-use hand models and spray tank systems which are used for trucks.

The professional pull behind spreader by Sears called the Craftsman Universal Broadcast Spreader allows the user to seed, use for weed control, spread fertilizer and sand easily and quickly.

It has 175 pound hopper capacity, it's universal, it spreads material to 10-12 feet, has an extendable hitch for use with ATVs and has pneumatic tires with ball bearings that have 15 x6 inch turf tread and more.

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