- Fall Grass Seeding

Beautiful Grass

Fall grass seeding is ideal for most of the regions in the United States of America. This is especially true for the Northern regions due to the cooler day time temperatures. It is best to start seeding shortly after August when the ground remains a little cooler.

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Therefore, watering will have to be more intense. The soil will allow the young seedlings to grow without the interruption of the weeds trying to steal nutrients. The best grass seeds can yield super results.

The winter months will add an insulated blanket filled with water. The seeds will soak in the cooler grounds and ground temperature.

As spring arrives the germination timing should be perfect for nice looking grass. The autumn is the best time to seed because the temperatures do reach a higher level, yet there are periods of cooler weather to keep the weeds at bay.

Most guides suggest that in the states of Virginia, North Carolina and Kentucky seed between Halloween and Thanksgiving. This is a period of prime weather conditions and prime temperatures.

There are different application measures that can be done according to the size of the area that needs grass. Many people like to use an automatic seed spreader while some like the control of the manual application.

It is always wise to add a smaller layer of fertilizer before seeding. The seeds can be spread next with a nutrient rich topsoil to cover.

If you are attempting to seed in the hotter part of the fall, you may need to add a layer of mulch or compost. This will help keep some of the pesky weeds away. If you are planting in the autumn months, you may need to add another thin layer of fertilizer a couple of weeks later.

By following the guidelines that apply to the area in which you live, a beautiful full plot can be the result. There may be some watering issues that need to be taken care of which can easily be cured by a simple watering hose. Some may choose to install a light sprinkler or some may even have an irrigation system installed.

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